8 Golf Club Activities for Kids to Keep Them Happy All Summer

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on May 28, 2019 11:45:00 AM

Your daughter’s heartbeat is rising, but she tries to keep her breathing easy. She calms her nerves, focuses and takes aim, knowing this is the shot that could mean victory at North Oaks Golf Club.

And this time… she isn’t even on the golf course. 

It’s a common scene from our annual Nerf Night, which took place on May 5 – complete with inflatable barriers set up throughout the banquet room. It continues to be one of the most popular of the many activities that make having a golf club membership here about so much more than golf.

“This is their second home,” Membership Engagement Coordinator Jessica Bader says. “We want to make it fun.”

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North Oaks Golf Club Welcomes Jessica Bader as Membership Engagement Coordinator

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on May 8, 2019 7:30:00 AM

"This is their club, and we want them to have an amazing time here." That thought guides Jessica Bader through every day in her new role as Membership Engagement Coordinator at North Oaks Golf Club, and it's the reason General Manager Phil Anderson created the new position in the first place.

"I’m thrilled to put more resources into ensuring our members are having an amazing time every time they are on the property," he explains. "We want to continue to take our engagement to a whole new level."

Jessica has plenty of local knowledge to make that happen. Since joining our team in 2013, she worked her way up to lead server in dining and events, and also spent a summer as our social media intern. Now, she's using that combination of skills, experience, and existing relationships to promote events to the membership – both in person and via social media.

"I'm reaching out to members, trying to get everyone engaged in our events, whether that be a wine tasting or golf or tennis. Basically, I'm promoting any event at the club."

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Meet the Members: Sarah and Anton and the Benefits of Our Trial Golf Membership

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Apr 23, 2019 8:31:51 AM

Like many young parents, Sarah and Anton Medved's lifestyle has changed considerably as their family has grown. When they moved to North Oaks back in 2011, the club was an attraction, but they didn't even join as social members for a while.

"It just wasn't the time for us," says Anton. "Our kids were so young and we had so many other things going on, we wouldn't have had enough time to be able to get on the golf course or anything like that." With a 2-and-a-half-year-old son and an 8-month-old daughter, that was understandable. But eight years later, they now have three very active children, and the Medveds are among our most active golf families. In fact, it seems that they spend most of the summer out on our golf course.

"We don't have our own cabin," says Anton, "so this is kind of our cabin. That's a big part of their summer and they really look forward to it."

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5 Ways to Use Your Golf Club Membership for Business

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Feb 20, 2019 9:42:50 AM

If you thought your golf club membership was just for golf leagues or dinner with the family, think again. Your golf club membership can be an asset to your business, too. Need to strike a deal with a prospective client? Invite them to play a round of golf. Want to host a monthly off-site meeting with colleagues?  Reserve an event space at your golf club.

Here are five ways to use your golf club membership for business.

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How the Shumans Enjoy Their Family Membership at North Oaks Golf Club

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Feb 13, 2019 2:10:21 PM

When John and Terri Shuman moved back to Minnesota, they knew they wanted a family membership at North Oaks Golf Club. I guess you could say it runs in the family.

"Terri grew up here," John says. "Her parents were social members. We just knew we were always going to do it."

And they knew they wanted to live in the community, as well. "There are no street lights or sidewalks," he says. "We have lakes and trails. It makes it such a peaceful and tranquil place to live. It's close to downtown, and there are homes in all price points. You're able to work in the city, but you're able to escape that and live in the middle of the woods."

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Winter Activities: How to Enjoy Your Golf Club This Off-Season

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Dec 19, 2018 2:32:16 PM

Frigid temperatures outside mean you won’t be teeing off anytime soon, but there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the offseason at your clubhouse. From bundling up for some cross-country skiing to staying indoors for some fun in front of the golf simulator, we’ve got some great ideas on how you can stay busy at the club this winter.

Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Cross-country skiing is an excellent way to get outdoors during the winter and enjoy the natural beauty around you. Traipse through a winter wonderland using your own locomotion! One benefit of cross-country skiing is its low-cost compared to regular downhill skiing, other than the initial cost of the equipment. There’s a low risk of injury and it’s a great workout and dog-friendly activity.

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North Oaks Golf Club: A Summer Oasis for the Goralski Family

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Nov 14, 2018 12:24:35 PM

If you happened to see two young boys hitting golf balls at the driving range or practicing at the putting green this summer at North Oaks Golf Club, chances are it was 12-year-old Christian Goralski and his 10-year-old brother Ryan. "It's just kind of fun to bike up there," Ryan says. "We don't live far from the course. And it's easier than waiting for my parents to get home."

How much time did they spend at the course? The boys played in the junior league on Wednesdays, received lessons on Fridays, hit the course a couple times with their parents or friends on the weekends, and biked to the course to practice other nights of the week, too.

It may seem like a lot, but for two boys who have been golfing since they were toddlers, it's a whole lot of fun. The Goralski family is one of many that take full advantage of our golf membership for every member of the family. Here's their story.

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Farm to Fairway: How Social Golf Club Events Strengthen Membership

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Sep 27, 2018 2:34:52 PM

It was a crisp evening in early September. About 40 North Oaks Golf Club members made their way to the middle of the fairway, where they enjoyed an elegant meal and libations under starlight.

Each year, the club hosts a one-of-a-kind dining experience known as Farm to Fairway, and it's quickly become a favorite among members.

"It couldn't have been a nicer night," says Ted Risdall, a North Oaks Golf Club member. 

"It's one of those perfect package evenings," says Toni Rhan, another North Oaks member, and Farm to Fairway attendee. "It's a date night with my husband, away from our two small children."

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Golf Membership 101: Why Fall is the Best Time to Join a Club

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Sep 10, 2018 12:56:53 PM

It’s fall in Minnesota, and the 2018 golf season will soon be coming to a close, which makes it the perfect time to start thinking about a golf membership.

What?! Why would someone join a golf club when the golf season is over? Good question. There are a whole host of reasons why fall is the best time to join a golf club. Read on and find out how beginning your membership in the fall will make you the early bird who caught the worm.

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Why a Social or Golf Membership is Great for the Whole Family

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on May 23, 2018 9:40:50 AM

In our busy, hectic lives, family members can get scattered hither and yon on their way to the weekend. Work, school, and everything in between can make it difficult for families to find a lot of time together, much less even enjoy a family dinner. So, why not consider a golf membership at a club, where the whole family can meet and spend quality time together?

A social or golf membership at a country club is so much more than just a way to play some golf, particularly for a family. Golf clubs offer so many amenities and activities to interest the entire family that the club can become the venue a family counts on to bring them all together.

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