Social Studies: How a Private Club Community Fosters Friendships

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Social Studies: How a Private Club Community Fosters FriendshipsLooking for ways to socialize with other parents or couples? Would you like to spend time with people beyond your partner, parents, kids, colleagues, and a few close friends? No need to worry! You're in the same boat as most responsible and busy adults. If you're hankering for some adult socialization or creating new connections for your kids, a private club community may be the perfect answer. Not only are there activities for you and your partner, but your kids have plenty to do, too.

Golf clubs provide a unique opportunity to meet people who live in your community and enjoy the same types of activities. Golfers get a chance to meet other golfers through tournaments and leagues. Adults can socialize at special dinners and events. Families with children can meet other families with children at activities designed specifically for kids. And the kids can make new friends at golf or tennis lessons. The club is a venue where friendships can grow and last a lifetime. The built-in activities, dining options, and events make going out and  socializing a breeze.

A Variety of Ways to Create Connections

North Oaks member Annie Ballantine joined as a new golfer and has connected with other golfers through the 9-hole women’s league and women’s clinic. “One of the best things the club does is the women’s clinic on Thursday nights,” she says. “You can enjoy a cocktail and get to know one another, but you also learn two little tips that you work on that night. It’s not overwhelming. It’s more about socializing and meeting people. It helped me feel comfortable joining the 9-hole league.” Annie takes advantage of the many opportunities to stay active and meet people. “Joining a private golf club is a great opportunity for being more active and meeting friends you otherwise wouldn’t have met,” Annie says. “You can’t be in the golf club and be in a bad mood. Everyone is just so happy and cheerful.”

Greg Stalsberg, his wife Erin, and their three children enjoy all sorts of family fun at North Oaks. Greg also participates in the men’s league. During golf season, he can be found on the course at least once a week. “I love to have a little friendly competition, and meet some new guys each week,” he says.

Ted Risdall say it’s always great to meet other members. He was excited when North Oaks started hosting more events, particularly for couples, like Farm to Fairway. “Creating those magical experiences, I think, is what they’re in the business to do,” he says. “It was really neat to meet a couple new people who I didn’t know before.”

John and Terri Shuman enjoy going to the club with son Jonah. “Every month, Terri will look through the calendar of events for activities our son would be interested in,” John says. “If there’s a themed event for kids, we know Jonah’s really going to enjoy that.” John especially loves when the club hosts a kids event in conjunction with an adults-only event. “It’s fun when he has an event and we also have an event at the club,” he says.

Focused on Member Engagement

Keeping members engaged and building a sense of community is a top priority at North Oaks. There’s even a staff member whose job it is to ensure members are having a good time and know about all the events and activities available to them. “This is their club, and we want them to have an amazing time here,” says Jessica Bader, Membership Engagement Coordinator at North Oaks Golf Club. “I’m reaching out to members, trying to get everyone engaged in our events, whether that be a wine tasting or golf or tennis.”

Shared experiences can be the cornerstone of lasting friendships. A golf club community provides the experiences and the people. The only thing missing is you.

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