How the Shumans Enjoy Their Family Membership at North Oaks Golf Club

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Family Membership at North Oaks Golf ClubWhen John and Terri Shuman moved back to Minnesota, they knew they wanted a family membership at North Oaks Golf Club. I guess you could say it runs in the family.

"Terri grew up here," John says. "Her parents were social members. We just knew we were always going to do it."

And they knew they wanted to live in the community, as well. "There are no street lights or sidewalks," he says. "We have lakes and trails. It makes it such a peaceful and tranquil place to live. It's close to downtown, and there are homes in all price points. You're able to work in the city, but you're able to escape that and live in the middle of the woods."

But the tranquil community and family history weren't the only reasons the Shumans joined our club. Here's their story.

A Family with a Passion for Traveling

John, the chief security officer for U.S. Bank, and Terri, an HR Leader for a cardiovascular medical device company, are busy professionals. So, when they can get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life with their eight-year-old son, Jonah, they do.

"Our favorite to do is travel and vacation together," John says. "We try to do as many vacations a year as we can."

They're also fierce creatures of habit, visiting Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge in Deerwood every July and Huntington Beach, California, every August. The Shumans also take a Caribbean cruise every spring during Jonah's spring break and enjoy a long weekend in Florida over the Easter holiday.

But the family isn't always traveling, so it was important to have a local "getaway," too.

A Nearby Spot for Food and Entertaining

When at home, the family wanted a nearby spot to grab food and entertain.

"We thought it would be fun just to have somewhere nearby to entertain, eat, drink, and attend special events," John says.

The Shumans estimate they eat out at the club 1–2 times per week whether that's lunch or dinner. "If the weather is bad or we want something quick or we're looking for a quiet dining experience, we'll go there," he says. "The setting there is a pretty ideal location. It's one of the regular restaurants we go to."

When they have guests in town, North Oaks Golf Club is included in the itinerary. And it has a great ambiance no matter what time of year you visit. "It's an elegant place to go to in the winter," he says. "It's decorated nicely for the holidays. The atmosphere is very pretty and elegant. In the summer, the patios are unbelievable. It's one of the best patios in the Twin Cities."

A Club with Events for the Whole Family

"Every month, Terri will look through the calendar of events for activities our son would be interested in," John says. "If there's a themed event for kids, we know Jonah's really going to enjoy that."

John especially loves when the club hosts a kids event in conjunction with an adults-only event. "It's fun when he has an event and we also have an event at the club," he says.

John and Terri's favorite event? Wine tasting. North Oaks Golf Club offers two formats for its wine tasting events — A traditional setting where guests sit at tables and discuss the wine selections with those at their table and a social hour setting where attendees are free to enjoy the wines in any order they wish while moving around the room and socializing with everyone. "We enjoy both formats," John says.

A Golf Club that Changes with the Times

It wasn't too long ago that North Oaks Golf Club gave off a different vibe than it does today. Like many golf clubs, it catered to adults only. But today, its membership includes single professionals, couples, young families, Gen Xers, and baby boomers.

"They've shattered what a traditional golf club is," John says. "The dark mahogany, red velvet cloths, elite scent in the air. You won't find that here. You'll find a beautiful sports bar, incredible patios, dining rooms, the whole spectrum of experiences. I would encourage people not to be intimidated or close-minded of a 'golf club.' The days of the stuffy golf course are over."

Staff Members Who Care

A club's staff members can make all the difference in your experience at the club, but the Shuman's knew from experience they were in good hands.

"Without a doubt, our favorite part about being members at North Oaks Golf Club is the staff," John says.

Over the past six years, longer if you include Terri's parent's membership, the Shuman's have gotten to know many of the people on staff.

"It's so fun having this group of people we've gotten to know so well that is just two miles away from our house," he says. "Everyone is friendly and knows us. Our son has grown up knowing them."

One year, John and Terri threw a birthday party for Jonah at the club and each staff member brought him a gift. "That's the kind of connection we have with the staff up there," he says. "We know that the food and beverages will be consistently good, but the thing we enjoy most is the interactions with the people we've come to know."
At North Oaks Golf Club, we're all like family, and we're glad our members feel that when they experience the club. Interested in meeting more of our extending "family?" We've featured several members on our blog including the Stalsbergs, Nick and Annie, and the Diffleys to name a few.

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