Golf Club Memberships: Benefits of Joining a Wait List

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on May 13, 2022 1:20:00 PM

waitlist image_300x297People don't often talk about how much they love to wait — waiting in line at Target, for your food at a restaurant, for your order to ship, for the doctor to see you, for your turn at the DMV. Waiting has become especially difficult for people in today's fast-moving, instant gratification-needing environment. But some things are well worth the wait, like a social or golf membership at a private club.

So, if you've found a great private golf club that you're interested in joining but there's a waitlist, here are three reasons to add your name to the list.

Short Wait, Guaranteed Spot

Joining a waitlist doesn't sound ideal, we get it. However, the sooner you join a waiting list for that club you fall in love with, the shorter your wait time will be. Don't put it off and wait for the club to have open availability because you never know when that will be.

“If you get on a waitlist early, you increase your chances of joining sooner than later,” says Phil Anderson, general manager at North Oaks Golf Club, where they recently reached capacity for social memberships. “List movement is dynamic, a number of situations can open opportunities: a move out of the area, a health issue or a transfer to an alternative membership type — there will be turnover. Being on the waitlist guarantees you a spot when your name comes up.

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Evidence the Club is in High Demand

You may initially view a club's waitlist as a negative thing, but a group of people anxiously waiting to join, means the club is offering programs and amenities that people enjoy and ones that are in high demand. If that's the case, it's a good club to wait for.

“Clubs that have a waitlist are in a great financial position,” Phil says. “A waitlist indicates vibrancy and a satisfied membership. So, waitlists should be seen as a positive from a consumer standpoint.”

A number of contributing factors have increased North Oaks Golf Club’s membership levels to a historical high including but not limited to: a multi-million dollar Clubhouse and patio renovation, a staff dedicated to delivering extraordinary member experiences and excellent multi-generational programming.

Proves the Club is Dedicated to Current Members

Private club waitlists also demonstrate that the club is dedicated to its current members. Instead of adding members and creating issues with programs, tee times, and dinner reservations, many clubs determine a maximum capacity.

“We could easily take another 20 members right now, but we know it would have some diminishing effect on the access to dining facilities, social events, etc," Phil says. "We value our current members and understand that accessibility is crucial. We are taking measures to ensure they have the best experience possible as a golf or a social member.”

We understand some may view a waitlist negatively, but you'll appreciate the consideration once you're a member yourself.

Social vs. Golf Memberships

Most private golf clubs offer both social and golf memberships. Social memberships typically provide you access to all programs and amenities except golf. At North Oaks Golf Club, the social membership includes access to tennis, dining experiences, non-golf-related programming, and special events. The golf membership includes access to everything including the golf course and leagues.

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