Busting the Top Myths About Golf Club Membership

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Mar 9, 2020 11:15:42 AM

golf club membership myths

You love golf and want to play more, so what’s keeping you from taking the plunge and joining a golf club? Maybe you’re concerned a golf club won’t have enough other things (outside of golf) for your family to do? Maybe you’re worried about the investment? Perhaps you’re worried about not being a good enough golfer or you simply think joining a club sounds too pretentious? 

Today golf clubs are a much different place than they were even 10 years ago. 

While golf remains a strong part of the club’s identity, it’s also a great place to meet new people, enjoy quality family time and be a part of a community where you belong in this increasingly superficial world.

Myth 1: You Must be a Highly Skilled Player to Join

There are golfers of all abilities at golf clubs. For example, North Oaks Golf Club has plenty of single digit handicap and 20+ handicap golfers. The resident golf professionals are a great resource to help teach the game to newcomers or help troubleshoot the area of your game that you’re struggling with. Plus, you’ll see a bump in your game by getting to know your course. 

Additionally, many non-golfing spouses and kids end up learning and taking a liking to the game after the family joins and they see how accessible it can be.

When you tap into all the resources and benefits you’re getting with joining a club, your skills and confidence as a golfer will skyrocket.

Myth 2: It's Difficult to Make Friends with Other Members

It may sound cliche, but new members truly are the lifeblood of any club, and the members of North Oaks Golf Club love to get to know the new people who join. We have tremendous opportunities available to network and meet other members through golf and family-friendly events every month, in addition to the welcoming social scene around the club every day. 

Golfers and non-golfers alike come to social events to meet new people and connect with the club community. If you’re a golfer, there are some great golf social outings you should check out. You may find that you are the perfect fourth for an existing member’s regular game. 

Never discount the idea of meeting new people professionally at the golf club and building great relationships that way. People doing business on the golf course is definitely not a myth.

Check out the Meet Our Members page to learn more about some of our members.

Myth 3: A Golf Membership is Too Expensive

Golfers who make it past the other roadblocks eventually get to this one, and it’s understandable. But it’s important to note that golf club memberships, in today’s world, are more affordable than they’ve ever been. Look over your prospective club and see what you’d be paying for before you make a decision.

At North Oaks, there is great golf, tennis, and many other amenities for you and your whole family. The newly renovated clubhouse features three great dining areas and an amazing outdoor patio with an unbeatable view. 

It’s also important to consider the intrinsic value that comes along with being a member of a golf club. Membership doesn’t just include the amenities. It provides great opportunities for families to spend time together, for business and personal friendships to grow, and the chance to create lasting memories as part of a welcoming community.

Lastly, be sure to consider all of the additional value you’d be getting at a club, versus how much you'd be paying to play all your golf at other courses, and you'll probably look at the price tag differently.

Myth 4: We’re Too Busy To Use It

We get it, life is busy, especially for families with kids. The great thing about a club like North Oaks Golf Club is that we work hard to create a family-centric environment. From the summer camps to date nights, there are always great social events planned. 

All of our members enjoy the flexibility of scheduling time on the course. There’s no more fighting for prime Saturday morning spots at the local public course. Log onto the app to find a time that works for you or give a call to the pro shop and they’ll work to accommodate your schedule.

Myth 5: All Golf/Country Clubs Are the Same

While there are similarities between golf clubs and country clubs, every club has its own unique personality. Clubs offer different amenities and have different types of social and athletic programming for their members. Some clubs are focused on retirees, while others are more family-focused. In the end, not every club is right for every person. 

If you’re looking for a club that is family-focused with exceptional golf, dining, and social activities, North Oaks Golf Club might be right for you.

Want to know more? Reach out to our Director of Catering & Membership, Kay Zeigler (651.484.9627), to check it out for yourself.


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