8 Golf Club Activities for Kids to Keep Them Happy All Summer

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on May 28, 2019 11:45:00 AM

Golf Club Activities for KidsYour daughter’s heartbeat is rising, but she tries to keep her breathing easy. She calms her nerves, focuses and takes aim, knowing this is the shot that could mean victory at North Oaks Golf Club.

And this time… she isn’t even on the golf course. 

It’s a common scene from our annual Nerf Night, which took place on May 5 – complete with inflatable barriers set up throughout the banquet room. It continues to be one of the most popular of the many activities that make having a golf club membership here about so much more than golf.

“This is their second home,” Membership Engagement Coordinator Jessica Bader says. “We want to make it fun.”

More than just golf for the kids

With school out for the summer, parents strive to find activities to fill the time and help their children stay physically and mentally active. But researching and scheduling sports, clubs, activities, and events is time-consuming – and calendars fill up fast. Golf clubs can shave several strokes off your family’s summer planning game.

And it sure beats bored kids staring at screens all summer.

“In today’s society, I find that kids are physically attached to their iPhones, iPads, video games, and the television,” says Nick Sage, first assistant golf professional at North Oaks Golf Club. “Golf is a great sport for kids to get into during the summer! Not only do they get to be outside in the beautiful Minnesota summers, but they can either be with their existing friends or meet new ones. Golf is an individual sport, which can sometimes teach kids even more about themselves than if they were on a traditional team.” 

A North Oaks Golf Club membership obviously offers the opportunity to play golf and take lessons, but that’s just the beginning. Kids can also compete on the tennis courts, and take part in the many events that Jessica and our staff plan and execute not only in the summer but year-round.

 Here’s what Jessica has on the calendar so far:

  • Sunday, June 9th: Messy Olympics
    Another kid favorite, the Messy Olympics gives kids the chance to do all those fun things that you’d never let them do at home. There are several activities which include slime making, messy lawn twister, bubbles, summer "snowballs" and a color war zone. Last year’s event included the rubber band watermelon trick--putting rubber bands around a watermelon one at a time until the watermelon explodes!
  • Wednesday, June 19th: Beach Party
    Just because we don’t have a beach doesn’t mean we can’t have a party! Every activity is beach themed and the kids have a blast.
  • Wednesday, July 31st: University of Minnesota Raptor Center
    The Raptor Center will bring in live birds of prey to help teach the kids about them. The visit will include exploring outdoor areas of the club and where raptors would live if they were at North Oaks.
  • Wednesday, August 28th: Snap-ology
    This hands-on Lego workshop will include learning about the design process of mazes and a chance for kids to build their own mazes. There will also be an interactive and mechanical robotics model aimed at teaching kids engineering concepts.
  • Wednesday, September 18th: Movie Night
    Movie is TBD. Kids in attendance get glow sticks!
  • Sunday, September 29th: Glitter and Slime
    Kids can get crafty by mixing their own batch of glitter slime to take home!
  • Sunday, October 13th: Movie Night
    Movie is TBD. Kids in attendance get glow sticks!

For Erin and Greg Stalsberg and their three children, the experience has been eye-opening.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised that they want to cater to families and provide for kids of all ages and abilities,” Erin says. “We look forward to enjoying the club with our kids as they grow up.”

A special place for the kids

North Oaks has a club room dedicated to kids activities, including games, crayons, and an expansive toy chest. And Jessica is constantly planning new, unique events, including educational options like a recent visit from staff at Como Park Zoo. They brought a live penguin with and taught kids all about penguins and their environment. 

With so many activities in addition to the golf course and tennis courts, a summer at North Oaks is the perfect break from school. There’s a lot to do, a lot to learn, and the chance to see old friends – plus make new ones. 

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