North Oaks Golf Club Welcomes Jessica Bader as Membership Engagement Coordinator

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on May 8, 2019 7:30:00 AM

jessica bader"This is their club, and we want them to have an amazing time here." That thought guides Jessica Bader through every day in her new role as Membership Engagement Coordinator at North Oaks Golf Club, and it's the reason General Manager Phil Anderson created the new position in the first place.

"I’m thrilled to put more resources into ensuring our members are having an amazing time every time they are on the property," he explains. "We want to continue to take our engagement to a whole new level."

Jessica has plenty of local knowledge to make that happen. Since joining our team in 2013, she worked her way up to lead server in dining and events, and also spent a summer as our social media intern. Now, she's using that combination of skills, experience, and existing relationships to promote events to the membership – both in person and via social media.

"I'm reaching out to members, trying to get everyone engaged in our events, whether that be a wine tasting or golf or tennis. Basically, I'm promoting any event at the club."

"Director of Fun"

"The original name for the position was going to be Director of Fun," Jessica jokes, but she takes the idea of making sure the members enjoy themselves very seriously. "We want people to come up and enjoy every amenity that we can offer," she says. 

Jessica will work closely with our team and membership to plan events and create memorable experiences, while building greater visibility through social media and outreach. She'll also create and promote kids events. Yet Phil says her responsibilities will always be subject to change, depending on the needs of the membership. "This role is intended to be ever-evolving and will be defined by the changing needs of our membership."

Getting Social

"People are constantly checking Facebook and Instagram," she says, "and I want to make sure we are posting everything that we are doing." 

The goal is to turn social posts into social actions. "I want to say, 'Hey, you've been missing out. Come join us this weekend for our Derby Race and Mint Juleps and Cinco de Mayo.' I want to make sure that everyone's there, and social media can help get them involved."

Yet no matter how much she posts online, Jessica knows her real impact will be in-person. "I will be sitting front and center when they come into the club, and I'm going to use my relationships with them. I'll be asking if they've heard about the events, what they think about them, and what they want us to do in the future."

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