You're Sold. Next Step: Convincing Your Partner to Join a Golf Club

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Convincing Your Partner to Join a Golf ClubJoining a private golf club is a great experience. It's exciting to have a club to call your own, a course to host friends and business contacts, and a special place to spend time with your family. For many golfers, joining a private club is the dream of a lifetime. But what happens when you find the right club and your family still needs some convincing?

That’s ok. Not everyone has had experience with a golf club or understands the opportunities and programming available. Here at North Oaks Golf Club, we provide great value to families no matter what their main interests.

Here are a few examples of where to get started when sharing details about our club.

Where to Start

The benefits of a golf club membership go well beyond golf, which is easier to understand if you really take a look at the club. This could mean showing your partner a brochure, checking out the website, or even taking a tour of the property. If they see all of the activity in and around the clubhouse – and even meet some of the staff – it becomes much easier to see themselves as members and understand why you're so excited about becoming part of the membership.

If Your Partner is a Golfer (or Wants to Be)

This is great news! What golfer wouldn’t love to have a regular place to play? But maybe they’re concerned about their skill level. Reassure them that all skill levels from beginner to expert are welcome. At a club, you can work on your game at your convenience and set up lessons with the resident pro. Getting to know your course and all the breaks on those greens can help lower your handicap. And always remember, the players you see winning the club championships might not have been that good when they started.

Newcomers may be intimidated about the rules of the game and etiquette on the course - no one wants to feel out of place or do something "wrong." Club golf professionals know exactly how to make newbies feel comfortable and confident. In fact, private clubs offer beginner clinics to address these issues, and they end up being fun social events to boot!

Molly and her husband Greg joined North Oaks Golf Club in August 2017. They both enjoy golf and she was focused on improving her game. She has some advice for newcomers hesitant to join a private golf club. “Don’t be afraid,” she says. “Just sign up for everything, and ask questions. People don’t have a hard time sharing their expertise, so take it all in.”

Or perhaps your partner is an excellent golfer and worried about getting bored playing the same course over and over. Have no fear! The variety of tournaments, from competitive to casual, really helps keep things interesting. Not only that, but many of our members have built lifelong friendships on the course and enjoy standing tee times with other members.

If Your Partner is Not a Golfer

That’s ok too! There are many social activities besides golfing! The events calendar is packed with opportunities to socialize, make friends, and try new things. For example, there’s the popular Farm to Fairway, a one-of-a-kind dining experience where guests are treated to a spectacular six-course meal on the fairway featuring Chef David's farm-to-table cooking.

There are tennis clinics and private lessons for all ages, gourmet and casual restaurants, annual holiday events that become family traditions,  not to mention some of the fun kids' events like Nerf night and Dining with Your Doll. Plus, it’s never too late for a new member to learn how to play golf.

It’s hard to believe when you meet her today, but North Oaks member Annie Ballantine used to hate golf. But Annie wanted golf to be something she and Nick could do together, and it didn’t take long for one good shot to spark motivation to make it two good shots — and so on and so on. Before she knew it, Annie loved playing the game.

“Now I’m obsessed with it,” she says. “I love that it’s something I can do with other people or by myself. It’s really relaxing. I love being out in the quiet, in nature, away from TVs and cell phones. I feel like it’s something I can do for the rest of my life.”

What About the Price?

Many members find great value in being part of a golf club versus paying at individual golf courses throughout the year. Take into consideration not only the green fees but the additional amenities you’ll receive. At North Oaks Golf Club, members have access to tennis and pickleball courts, a variety of dining options, and many special events and activities for the whole family. Throw in the opportunity to do all of those things in a setting that soon feels like a second home, and you quickly understand why so many people value the opportunity to be part of a private club like North Oaks Golf Club.

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