4 Benefits of Working a Seasonal Job at a Golf Course

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Feb 27, 2020 2:02:00 PM

Seasonal Job at a Golf CourseIf you’re a full-time student, it’s tough to balance a job year-round. That’s why seasonal jobs are such a great alternative. But it’s understandable why you wouldn’t want to go straight from the classroom to a summer job where you’re cooped up and missing out on the most beautiful time of year! Working a seasonal job at a golf course gives you the best of all worlds – a summer job to put cash in your pocket and gain work experience, all while having fun and enjoying that precious vitamin D. 

From the course to the driving range, a summer job at a golf club provides a variety of positions and responsibilities – and benefits that reach beyond your paycheck. Here are the top four benefits of working a seasonal job at a golf course:

1. Variety of jobs

From groundskeepers to beverage cart servers and more… There's no shortage of help needed at a golf club and there are roles for a variety of skill sets. If you are someone who is independent and wants to spend more quiet time outside, roles like taking care of the grounds are a perfect fit. Are you a social butterfly? Then jobs in the restaurant, serving drinks to golfers on the course, or even a position on the wedding and events side of things can provide great opportunities to flex those communication skills. 

No experience? No problem. These jobs usually have on-the-job training. Staffers are used to new faces in the summer months and accommodating seasonal employee schedules. Just bring a positive, can-do attitude and good work ethic.

2. You get outside!

If you prefer hands-on work in the great outdoors, a job on the grounds team may be just the ticket. Even if you choose a role in the restaurant, you’re situated in the center of breathtaking greenery and elaborate landscaping. Golf courses are beautiful, carefully attended settings. 

Bonus – you’ll likely also gain access to a great golf course and discounts on green fees for leisure. If this appeals to you, a summer on the links may be a good fit.

3. Invaluable experience

Whether you’ve thought long and hard about your future or you’re just taking things day by day, there are a lot of great skills you can sharpen while working a seasonal job at a golf course. 

Golf is a game of respect and patience. You can feel that on the course, both in surrounding yourself with members and staff. No one is perfect on day one, but jobs on the course give you the freedom to grow as an individual and professional within a supportive community.

You’ll also become a better communicator. With any job, you have to practice polite interaction and good manners. That’s especially true when interacting with members at a club. This little bit of skill goes a long way off the course, too, when interviewing for jobs for your career down the road.

4. Networking

You’ve heard the phrase, it’s all about who you know. Well, you’ll make solid connections working at a golf club. Whether it’s with supervisors on your team who can put in a good reference for your work ethic or members who have community connections, the opportunities for networking are plentiful. 

Why do you think so many work outings take place on the course? It’s a unifying place where business people leave their work stress at the door and enjoy relaxed conversation. Whether you’re greeting regular members in the clubhouse or bar area, strike up a conversation! When asked about your own intended career path, you may learn some valuable information from a seasoned professional.

Those connections can come in handy down the road, whether you are simply hoping to return to work at the course next summer or trying to glean knowledge about future endeavors. You never know where a conversation on the course might go, or where a bridge you are building might lead. But the road to your post-educational life just might begin at the golf course this summer. And what a great place to start that journey.

Inspired to work on the course? North Oaks Golf Club has a number of seasonal job opportunities!


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