Making the Most of Your First 30 Days at a New Club

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Jan 28, 2020 3:03:33 PM

your first 20 days at a new clubMuch like your first day at a new school, joining a new club can be a bit intimidating. Everyone walking the halls--or in this case, the greens--seems to already know one another and knows what's going on. But just like school, learning the ropes of a new club isn't nearly as intimidating as it seems. 

With plenty of social and golf groups to join, family activities to get involved in and lessons to help you improve your skills (not to mention the ability to play the course as much as you'd like) you'll get settled in in no time! Keep reading for a few tips to help make your adjustment go even more smoothly.


If your club offers an orientation after joining, take advantage of it! While orientation might sound boring, these are (usually) better than the college orientations you remember. It's a great way to learn the do's and don'ts of the club, like whether or not taking phone calls on the course is frowned upon or what is common practice relating to tipping the staff.

You'll also learn how to do some important things: make tee times, dinner and event reservations, or how to get into your new locker. The best part? You might be offered the opportunity to get to know staff and meet other members. Not only is this insightful as you start to learn about your new community, but it’ll pave the way to feeling at home in your club and enjoying your membership to the fullest.

Improve Your Skills

If your new club is anything like North Oaks, it's fair to assume it's open to beginners' and experienced golfers. However, if you're worried that your skills need work to compete at the level you'd like, you might want to start your golf membership days with lessons. Tailored to your skill level, these are a great way to ease your nerves and help you start improving your game now that you have a beautiful course to practice on.

Choose Your Way to Play

Some members join a golf club looking to improve their game. Others are looking to find new neighbors and friends who are eager to share a round each week. Whatever you're searching for on the green, it's likely your new golf club has it. 

From groups that cater to beginners to those looking for a challenge by competing with fellow players, golf groups offer an easy way to connect with new golf enthusiasts while also encouraging you to play each week. Not sure where to start? Ask the golf professionals. They can be like golf match-makers and find you someone that might just end up being your go-to golf buddy.

Get Social

Even better than getting acquainted with the green? Getting acquainted with your new friends! Whether you're a spouse who doesn't love golf but still want to enjoy the perks of membership or you're just looking for things to do in between games, golf clubs offer no shortage of social events to help you meet other members and form lasting friendships.

A good tip is to ask a membership director, events director or membership engagement coordinator about upcoming event opportunities and details. That way, you can narrow in on what you might like to try and who might be in attendance. 

Bring the Family Along

It's always easier to ease into a new place with family by your side. From holiday festivities to junior tennis lessons to delicious family meals, there are tons of ways to get everyone involved. As you're meeting your new friends, your spouse and kids might just be meeting their own, which means plenty of family days at the club later on.

Making it "Your" Club

There's no single answer on how exactly to find your place as a new member of a golf club. Instead, the best way to settle in is to figure out how to make the club work best for you. Whether you love the idea of joining a few social groups, want to focus on improving your game, are looking for family-friendly fun, or any combination of options, you can fill your time at the club exactly how you choose. So jump in, and don't be afraid to try something that's out of your comfort zone!

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