Target Top Donors: How Small Charity Events Raise More Money

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Mar 11, 2020 8:39:52 AM

North Oaks Wine RoomPlanning and pulling off a charity event comes with a multitude of things to consider, and details to iron out. With the goal of inspiring your guests to generously donate to your charity, you’ll want to keep their experience at the forefront of your mind as you organize this event. So while larger charity events have become the standard, a smaller affair may actually be a better opportunity for your charity. 

Skip the Normal Charity Event Scene

It may seem as though the best way to draw in more money for your charity is by bringing in more people to your event. But consider that as your guest list grows, you will encounter a variety of new budgetary considerations. You'll need a larger event space, more tables, chairs, and linen rentals. Not to mention, more staff will be needed to accommodate the crowd.

A larger event has other implications as well. Guests may feel a group mentality; with so many people attending, they may feel that they can donate less because the charity will still receive plenty. Also, you may have to depend largely on a presentation to interact with guests, which means very little individual attention to your donors. 

When it comes right down to it, your guests may even decide to skip another large and generic charity event in favor of sending a donation from afar.

Keep it Intimate

Planning an intimate charity evening doesn't mean putting on the same standard event, just on a smaller scale. Instead, you'll have the opportunity to create a memorable event where guests feel valued and a part of something special.

With a smaller guest list, you couldn't invite just anyone, yet you chose them specifically. Make sure that they are reminded of that. 

Keeping your event intimate starts with choosing the right venue. With fewer guests, you'll be able to consider more interesting venues that wouldn’t have been able to accommodate a larger group.

Go Big Where it Counts

Another significant benefit of opting for a small, more intimate event is the opportunity to splurge where it counts. Creating a memorable experience will potentially encourage your guests to open up their pocketbooks a bit more than they might if it were just another run-of-the-mill charity event. 

With fewer mouths to feed, you can afford a better meal, not to mention better wine! The culinary experts and sommelier at the venue can help you plan a delicious gourmet meal. At least that’s how it works here at North Oaks

Planning a smaller, more intimate affair means giving your guests a unique experience, and one in which they'll feel special and appreciated, and perhaps a bit more generous.

For more information on the North Oaks Wine Room, please contact our Director of Catering & Membership, Kay Zeigler (651.484.9627).


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