Benefits of a 9-Hole Golf Outing

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Jul 21, 2022 1:00:00 PM

9 hole golf eventGolf outings aren’t always one-size-fits-all. While the seasoned golfer and event supporter might be accustomed to an 18-hole day of play, this traditional outing timeline isn’t the only option. A shorter, 9-hole event might just be the perfect amount of time to deliver a memorable day–and in a more cost-effective way.

Golf Outings Provide an Exclusive Club Experience

One of the most notable benefits of hosting a golf outing is the exclusive experience. When organizations choose to host their events at golf clubs, they will get to enjoy an exclusive day at that club even though attendees likely aren’t members at that club. From full facilities access to custom, delicious meals, your guests will experience what it’s like to have exclusive club access 

When event organizations consider a golf outing, they may default to an 18-hole tournament. However, a 9-hole event is a unique opportunity to experience a club in a more convenient way.

And that is just what the Minnesota Golden Gophers’ supporters wanted when they chose North Oaks Golf Club to host a fundraising event to benefit the Women’s Basketball team. It was the first 9-Hole Outing hosted at North Oaks Golf Club and proved a tremendous success.

9-Hole Golf Outings Are Convenient and Enjoyable

"We went with a 9-hole event later in the day in order to accommodate the busy schedules of many of our supporters,” says Gretchen Ambrosier, Director of Development for the Minnesota Gophers. “Almost everyone stayed for the reception, likely because they had not committed an entire day to golfing 18-holes.” 

These days, when there are more and more demands on our time, providing people with a shorter event can be an excellent way to meet and gain new supporters.

“We recognize that golf fundraisers often have golfers leave after play is finished,” noted Katie Koets, Director of Membership and Catering at North Oaks Golf Club. “Which means the players and the organization miss out on additional fundraising opportunities such as silent auctions.”

At the same time, the golf course can accommodate the same number of players in a 9-hole event as an 18-hole event. In a 9-hole event the club has the option of sending half the event off on the front nine of the golf course, with the other half on the back nine.

“While many people enjoy playing 18-holes and look forward to an entire day of golf, my guess would be that the majority of players would love the flexibility that a 9-hole event gives them,” says Ray Vennewitz, Jr., Head Golf Professional. “With people so busy and short on time the 9-hole event is a home run!”

9-Hole Golf Outings Are One-of-a-Kind

All golf outings can be custom planned to fit any organization’s requests. From an afternoon tournament with a dinner reception, to a multi-flight event with a large lunch gathering, the day can be perfectly planned and executed. Just as there is flexibility for the attendees of your event to have a shorter day of golf, it provides the opportunity and flexibility to create an event that fits your needs. 

Since most golf outings at private clubs are hosted on Mondays, member play is not interrupted as clubs are typically closed on Mondays. This way, participants can truly enjoy the experience of having the club and golf course all to themselves.

So, if an 18-hole golf outing seems too daunting, consider giving 9-holes a try. You’ll get the convenience of a shorter day coupled with an unmatched club experience. It might become your favorite, annual event!

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