Holiday Planning: 4 Reasons to Host Your Office Holiday Party in January

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Nov 21, 2019 11:37:12 AM

office holiday partyIt’s that “in-between” time of year right now – the leaves on the trees have fallen and there’s a chill in the air. The calendar blocks and hot chocolate mugs start to fill up and we scroll the ads for Black Friday sales and scour for Christmas card printing deals. It’s the period of time in November and December when we acknowledge the presence of winter, and embrace the company of the holidays. 

With this season comes our office holiday parties and a laundry list of anticipated festivities, and party planners have to wonder: is this season the best time to have a holiday office party? Or could there be hidden benefits to waiting? Here are a few reasons why having an office holiday party in January or February may be a bonus for your company, rather than a s

Less Stress 

Holidays are meant to be a time of joy and happiness but unfortunately can prove to be the opposite for many people. It’s a time filled with family and friend obligations, endless errands, longer to-do lists, and crazy schedules. It evokes more stress than joy for many and can cause that much-anticipated holiday party to become an additional obligation. Planners may want to consider hosting an office holiday party in the off-season so their guests come in relaxed and rested rather than partied out. Hosting a party after in January gives guests a break, as well as something to look forward to after all the parties have ended. Imagine it as a way to kick off the New Year with something fresh and exciting, rather than ending the year with another event in an already busy month. 


Hosting your holiday party in January also makes way for creativity. By the time the holidays roll around, most of your guests have already seen and are likely removed from the Christmas themes and decorations everyone else has been using all month. Hosting an office holiday party in January-February allows room for a more creative expression that will be memorable to guests. Perhaps a winter wonderland or Masquerade ball could catch the eye of those in attendance more than that stereotypical Santa or Christmas tree. 


If you’re looking to provide a specific service or entertainment with an event professional, waiting may be to your advantage. December is known as a high-demand month for these professionals–whether an artist, speaker or a specific type of entertainment–as every other holiday office party is requesting their services at the same time. Venues are also in high demand. If you’re looking to book a specific venue, locking in a desirable date may be much easier in January than December. All in all, party planners’ wildest dreams may be much more attainable by simply waiting to throw that bash a little bit longer. 

Higher Attendance 

When hosting an office holiday party, we’d all agree that the ideal situation is for all invitees to attend. Just as you may wait to host for the purpose of having less stressed guests, you may equally choose to host a later party to have more available guests. Simply put: people are just around more in January than December due to the high demands of the Christmas season. When more people attend, the better the experience is for all. 

More Inclusive It’s easy to assume that everyone celebrates Christmas, but the truth is: they don’t! While the Holiday season is meant to bring joy to all, January parties are more inclusive to those who don’t celebrate Christmas and may practice different traditions. It provides a safe space for all to celebrate the new year, rather than centering around a specific holiday. 

Who knew that thinking outside the box for a simple holiday office party could provide so much benefit? Instead of going with the flow and doing what every other office is doing this holiday season, try living a little dangerously! Allow your employees to show up rested and available by getting a little creative with a January theme, and providing a safe space for all to do exactly what the party is meant for anyway: to celebrate together.

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