Why a Classic Wedding Venue was the Perfect Choice for Jon and Danielle

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Classic Wedding VenueJon and Danielle McDonald wanted an elegant and classic wedding they could look back on 10 years later with the same love and awe as the day they were married. A big part of creating their timeless wedding was the venue itself. And North Oaks Golf Club proved to be an ideal wedding venue for exactly that.

"Our wedding was perfect," Danielle says.

But style wasn't the only reason the McDonalds chose North Oaks. The couple discussed several other factors that influenced their decision to celebrate their nuptials with us.


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Excellent Guest Service

North Oaks weddingDanielle knew one thing about her wedding far before the big day approached. She wanted to host it at a venue with excellent guest service.

"That was really important to us that our guests were taken care of," she says.

According to the McDonalds and their nearly 200 guests, North Oaks Golf Club staff did not disappoint. "The number one comment I received from guests about our reception was that the service at our wedding was phenomenal," she says. "They said, 'We've never seen a ballroom served and had tables cleaned so quickly between dishes. It never felt like we were sitting around.'"

And the comments came from all different kinds of guests — friends of Danielle's parents, family, and friends the couple's age. "They were really impressed," she says.

A Staff She Could Trust

Planning and executing is everything when it comes to setting up a wedding and ensuring it goes off without a hitch. But the bride shouldn't be part of the execution the day of the wedding. Instead, she should be sipping champagne and enjoying time with her new hubby. That's why Danielle sought a venue with a staff she could trust.

"I didn't want to be a stressed-out bride at my wedding," she says. "And I didn't hire a wedding planner. I'm a planner and executor to a point where if things aren't run well, it's like the most painful thing in the world to me."

But Danielle found peace in knowing when she was at the off-site ceremony or on the grounds taking photos, she could trust that everything was running smoothly back at the golf club.

"Kay (Zeigler) coordinated everything for us," she says. "Our vendors felt so seamless. I just had to give Kay a list of our vendors and when they should be arriving. It was all taken care of."

A Beautiful Venue that Didn't Break the Budget

Another big deciding factor in choosing North Oaks Golf Club was the cost.

Danielle's parents have been social members at the club for eight years. Over the years, Jon and Danielle have dined with her parents at the club, getting to know bartenders, servers, and staff members.

Not only did her parents' membership benefit the couple by saving them some money on the room rental, but it allowed them to be familiar with the individuals who would be responsible for hosting their special day.

A Great Spot to Get Ready

North Oaks weddingDanielle, who had both a photographer and videographer capturing her wedding day, wanted a cozy and cute room where she and her bridesmaids could get ready.

"I've always wanted, the morning of, to have a spot to get ready, drink mimosas, have breakfast," she says. "I knew our ceremony site didn't have a great spot for that."

Danielle and her bridesmaids enjoyed a catered breakfast and lunch at the golf club during the preparation stages of the day, before making their way to the church in Eden Prairie.

Scenic Outdoor Areas for Mingling Guests and Photos

North Oaks weddingThe couple also wanted great outdoor spaces for their guests to mingle, sip on cocktails, and maybe enjoy a bonfire. And on a wonderfully mild July evening, North Oaks provided the perfect patio overlooking the golf course.

"After dinner, people were either dancing or on the patio because it was beautiful out," Danielle says.

But pristine outdoor spaces weren't just for guests. Jon and Danielle wanted green hills and trees as the backdrop of their wedding photos and that's exactly what they got.

"They have so much greenery," she says. "It's just trees for days. It was so pretty."

We absolutely love hosting weddings at our club and have worked with countless couples like Jon and Danielle to make their dreams come to life. We're honored they chose North Oaks Golf Club and we're happy to share their story.

Photos: Courtesy of  www.halfacrehouse.com

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