6 Fun and Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement

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The love of your life just asked for your hand in marriage. Of course, you said yes! You're so excited, you want to shout it from the rooftops. And we won't stop you! After enjoying a quiet moment with your special someone, you'll likely call your parents, siblings, and best friends as soon as possible to tell them the news. But, how will you tell the rest of your family and friends, not to mention your social media friends and followers?

There are countless ways to announce your engagement, but these are some of our favorites.

Show Off Your Ring

We'll start with the obvious. Everyone wants to know what the ring looks like, and you can't wait to show it off. Have your partner snap a photo of you expressing your excitement with your new ring. This not only showcases your ring but captures the mood of the moment your loved one popped the question.

Spell it Out

This idea may be simple, but it's simply adorable, too. If you and your partner are coffee connoisseurs, write your future titles on your Starbucks cup and snap a pic. Want something that will last longer? Check out these cute mugs for engagement announcements. Pick your favorite phrase and have a friend snap a pic of you and your love holding them side by side.

Capture the Special Moment

If your partner went above and beyond to hire a photographer or videographer to capture the moment they got down on one knee, don't be shy, share it! The moment passes so quickly that it's nice to have photos or video to look back at. And it's always fun to see your reaction captured. Say cheese!

Include Your Pets

We all know that your dogs are your fur babies and they mean the world to you, so why not include them in your engagement announcement? If you have a trustworthy and talented pooch, perhaps snapping a photo of the ring resting on his nose is a cute idea. If you fear your pup may swallow your ring, avoid that idea at all costs and go for something easier. Hang handwritten signs announcing your engagement around your dogs' necks, then snap a family photo and share it on social media.

Feature Your Favorite Pastime

As a couple, we know you have favorite hobbies to do together. For some, it might be reading, watching TV shows or movies, playing board games, etc. Get creative and use those pastimes in your engagement announcement. Not sure what we mean? We'll give you some examples.

  • If you always have to have the latest gossip magazine, swap your People Magazine for Bride Magazine and take a creative photo for your social media accounts.
  • Good with photoshop? Host your own photo shoot and create a mock-up of your favorite TV show or movie poster.
  • Spend every Friday night playing board games together? Find a clever way to announce your engagement using a game like The Game of Life or Scrabble.

Go For a Subtle Announcement

If overly cutesy and creative engagement announcements aren't your thing, why not share your favorite photo together with a sweet caption. Then, hide the announcement in the hashtag: #isaidyes #futuremrsandmrs #engaged. Some people may miss the news entirely, but others will catch it and quickly flood your notifications with congratulations.

No matter how you decide to announce your engagement, you're bound to be swarmed with love, excitement, and well wishes. Enjoy this exciting phase in your life, because your engagement only lasts so long. And soon, you'll be planning a wedding!

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