How the Diffleys Use Their North Oaks Golf Club Social Membership

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North Oaks Golf Club Social MembershipJim and Shelley Diffley aren't unlike many parents of adolescent kids. Their three daughters — Marie, 14, Anna, 12, and Claire, 9 — and a shared full-time job as real estate agents keep Jim and Shelley busy year-round.

But their busy schedules led them to join North Oaks Golf Club as social members. "There are very few restaurants in our area (Shoreview)," Jim says. "North Oaks Golf Club provides another restaurant for our family to dine at. And it's a destination for Shelley and I to bike to."

The Diffleys are a great example of members who use our golf club in a different way. Here's their story.

An Active and Social Family

Between the girls' sporting events and work, Jim and Shelley often operate on unpredictable schedules. They may have one of the girl's games one night, and two games to attend the next. The girls' sports include basketball, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, golf, and bowling.

The Diffleys also love to entertain. "That's how North Oaks Golf Club plays in," Shelley says. "We like to take clients there, and we have an employee appreciation event coming up at the golf club, too."

A Multigenerational Club

North Oaks Golf Club was an easy decision for the Diffleys because it's located close to their Shoreview home, and Jim has a history with the club. His parents, Tom and Kathy Diffley, joined North Oaks Golf Club in 1993, where his father served as president many years ago. He has fond memories of golfing with his dad on Father’s Day and dining as a family for both brunch and dinner. Jim also bartended at the club for a while after graduating from college.

Although Tom passed away a few years ago, Kathy remains a social member at the club. “We enjoy going to the club for Sunday brunch, lunches, and dinners with my mom,” Jim says. “She also continues to enjoy the club on her own time with her friends at the club. She loves the new feel of the clubhouse and the new patios, firepits, etc.”

For Jim, it’s fun to see his parent’s friends at the club, people he’s known for decades, and their kids. Now, much like his parents did for him, Jim gets to share the club with his kids. Perhaps one day, when his kids are grown, if they’re still in the area, they’ll consider joining the club, too. “I think it would be fun if they continue to enjoy the club on their own,” he says.

A Special Dining Experience

When Jim, Shelley, and the girls are all together at once, they like to do something special. That's another way North Oaks fits into their family. "We have dinner there with our kids and extended family," Jim says.

But it's not something they typically do on a whim or that frequently. "We're all over," Jim says. "We have to schedule it and make it happen. But it's great for making a special occasion out of it. We love it. We make it a big deal when we go."

In the winter, the Diffleys estimate they dine at the club on average once per month. In the spring and fall, Jim and Shelley typically enjoy lunch at the club 2–3 times per month. "We don't use it as much as others do," Jim says. "It's a nice place to go and eat. And we love bumping into people we know. We've certainly met people there."

The family admits they haven't participated in many of the organized social events except Gingerbread House Making and Yappy Hour with their Goldendoodle Ruby. But that might change when their kids grow up and are involved in fewer activities.

A More Family-Focused Club

This isn't the first time Jim and Shelley had a membership at North Oaks Golf Club. Jim was a member before meeting Shelley, then the couple had a membership together before they got married. When their daughters were young, they canceled their membership.

"North Oaks Golf Club did not have the same feel 15 years ago that it does now," Jim says. "It has a much more fun, inviting environment for young kids and families. That's why we rejoined."

We love seeing people of all ages enjoy our club. That's why we recently added several dining options including a bar and grill and family dining complete with multi-generational games and an expanded patio for families like the Diffleys to enjoy together.

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