6 Tips for Hosting a Graduation Party Outside Your Home

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Jan 16, 2019 12:52:06 PM

Hosting a Graduation Party Outside Your HomeWhether it’s from high school or college, graduations are important milestones that call for a major celebration. But the idea of hosting a party at home can be a bit overwhelming for some. That’s why many people opt to rent space at a venue for the big celebration instead. While you won’t have to stay up late cleaning your house the night before, there are still plenty of other things you’ll need to consider when hosting an off-site party.

Here are some tips to help you host an amazing graduation party outside your home.

Establish a Budget

The most important thing to do is determine how much you want to spend on the party. This will help determine other graduation party details like the venue, how many people you can invite, and how much money you’ll have to spend on food and decorations.

Scheduling is Important

Timing can be very important when it comes to graduation parties. Remember, lots of other graduates will be throwing their own parties the weekend of graduation. Joining in will almost guarantee most guests will only stop by for a little while. One alternative is scheduling your party one to two weeks before or after graduation. Or you could even wait until mid-August and throw a graduation celebration that doubles as a college send-off party.

Send Invitations Early

Since graduation season is a very busy time of year, you should plan on getting your invitations out as early as possible. You could save time and expense by skipping paper invitations. Sending out digital invitations or setting up an event page online will work just fine. Just be sure you include all of the important details about your event.

Find the Right Venue

As you look for a venue, keep an eye out for spaces that can be adjusted toward your needs. You’ll also want to provide some tasty food options for your guests. So, be sure to ask about catering options, which is bound to help save you a lot of time and energy. The venue can be just about anything — a banquet room at your favorite restaurant, an event center, a nearby park, or the local golf club.

Personalize Your Event

You’ll want to make a statement as soon as guests enter the party. You could incorporate the graduate’s school colors through balloons and other decorations. Graduation parties are meant to celebrate the graduate. Plan a fun display that features photos of the graduate, like a timeline of class pictures that you can hang up at the event. Also be sure to feature anything that’s personal to them and helps celebrate their interests and achievements. (Just be sure you pack all the decorations in the car. You'd hate to forget the photo boards at home.)

Party Entertainment

Try to think outside the box for your grad party entertainment. You could set up the graduate’s favorite yard or board games for them to play with their guests or feature some nostalgic fun like slushy machines, cotton candy machines, or even a piñata to enjoy.

You’ll probably want to consider a musical element to the party whether it’s simply planning a playlist or hiring a DJ. Renting a karaoke machine is a fun idea, too, and a great way to get guests involved. (Although we recommend inviting your neighbors to avoid disgruntled looks from their windows.)

Setting up a selfie station or photo booth is always a fun way to get guests involved in the event, too. Fill it with fun props for guests to take pictures that they can take home as memorabilia from the party. You may also want to consider designating someone to take pictures of the graduate with their guests as keepsakes or used in "thank you" cards.

No matter what you decide to do for your graduate's party, it's bound to be a day to remember.

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