Work Hard, Play Hard: 5 Tips for Hosting an Office Holiday Party

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Oct 10, 2018 3:03:23 PM

Office Holiday PartyYour employees work hard all year-round, so when the colder months arrive and the holidays are in sight, take some time to plan a special event just for them. Wondering how do you plan the perfect get-together? We’ve got some tips to help you plan an office holiday party your employees will love.

Consider the Timing

Many offices take advantage of the holiday season to host a soiree for their workers. But, your office party doesn't necessarily have to be before the actual holidays. In fact, sometimes it's better to wait until after the hustle and bustle of the holidays wind down. It’s perfectly fine to wait until January or February to schedule your gathering.

Find the Right Space

The space you choose to host your event should be a place you’d feel comfortable bringing one of your clients. It is, after all, a reward for your employees, so you want them to feel like it is. You’ll also want to select a space that’s big enough for your employees to move around and mingle with one another. Another factor to consider is finding a spot that offers great food. You might find the most memorable moments you share with your employees happen when you share a great meal together.

Plan Fun Activities

If you know the party will be outside work hours, consider having cocktails for your employees to enjoy (within reason, of course). Then, other than great food and drinks, you’ll just want to make there’s plenty of great entertainment for employees. So when you consider what to do at your party, mull over activities that are both inclusive and fun for all of your employees.

Games are always a fun way to get all employees involved. You could rent a karaoke machine and let employees create their own music for the party. Or if that doesn’t sound like fun, hire a DJ for some live music in the background.

Another idea is to hold fun contests where employees have the opportunity to win prizes. This includes raffles, ugly sweater contests, scavenger hunts, or other contests like “guess the amount of candy in the jar.”

For a raffle, there could be multiple drawings for a variety of prizes. Ugly sweater competitions have become a staple of parties in recent years. Your contest could select winners in different categories, such as most creative, the funniest, the scariest, and the most original.

Some team members might be from different departments and not interact that much in the actual workplace. So why not help encourage socializing by hosting a white elephant party. Set a limit, have each employee bring a gift for the white elephant, and let the fun ensue.

Be Sure to Thank Employees

Outside of any contest prizes, find some way to thank your employees. Remember, this party is a reward for your employees. So find some small gesture to show your appreciation for them. Some suggestions include gift cards or goodie bags with some small words of appreciation. These tokens will definitely help boost morale and workplace unity among your employees.

Avoid Potential Awkwardness

Keep the entertainment light and professional. You don’t want to single out any specific employees or make anyone feel uncomfortable. The point of the party is to have fun with your colleagues, after all! So you’ll probably want to avoid having things like roasts, inappropriate comedians, or embarrassing slideshows.

Other than that, as you plan your holiday get-together, you might want to think about including other team members. Also, be sure to have fun!
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