Something New: Unique Items to Incorporate into Your Big Day

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Unique Wedding ItemsYou’ve probably heard the old wedding rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Something new might be the easiest of the “somethings," but why not choose a rare new item to flaunt on your big day? We have some ideas to help you add a unique and special touch to your wedding day.

Have Something Embroidered or Engraved

Perhaps you’ve decided to take your partner’s name once you tie the knot. Commemorate your new moniker by having it stitched or engraved onto something for your special day. Embroidery can be used in a number of different ways:

  • Stitch your new last name or you and your partner's initials in the underskirt of your dress or the ring bearer pillow.
  • Embroider something on a handkerchief such as your wedding date or a funny phrase like "No ugly crying."

Wedding tip: Make the stitching blue to cover more than just one "something" for your big day.

Not a fan of embroidery? That's OK! Another great idea includes having something engraved. You can engrave your names on champagne flutes for that special toast as newlyweds. Or engrave something special — your wedding date, partner's initials, a sweet message — inside each of your wedding rings.

Wear Fresh, Updated Jewelry

Some brides opt to wear loaned jewelry or similar vintage hand-me-downs for their “something borrowed.” For your something new, think about doing the opposite.

Splurge for some sparkle. Buy a dazzling hair clip, headband, or tiara to wear with your veil. Similarly, add some pizzazz to your wedding ensemble by wearing an embellished belt with your wedding dress. It's the easiest way to customize your wedding attire.

Matching jewelry could be a symbolic way to represent your two families coming together. Wear the same earrings or bracelet as your mother and future mother-in-law. Or simply get matching earrings or necklaces for you and your bridesmaids.

It doesn't always have to be the bride who dons something new — or any of the "somethings." A groom can splurge on unique new cufflinks or a watch, which could also be customized with the couple's initials or wedding date.

Carry or Wear a Sentimental Token

Have you and your love bought a new home together? Consider tying your home key to your bouquet. Not only is it your something new, but it’s also another way to symbolize the start of your new journey together.

Or, think about wearing a locket with a new photograph of the two of you inside it. You could also have both a new photograph along with an old one inside — maybe of a special family member or friend — and check off your something old as well.

Pamper Yourself With New Perfume or Makeup

Your something new could be a great excuse to treat yourself, so why not do a little pampering? Go purchase some new perfume for your wedding day. The scent will always help you remember the special occasion.

Maybe you’re planning to get your makeup done for the ceremony. Regardless if you’re doing it yourself or hiring a makeup artist, you could always buy some new makeup for your big day. That specific shade of lipstick will be a constant reminder of your special day.

Remember, no matter what "somethings" you choose, your wedding day will be one of the most special moments of your life. Make it special and unique to you and your future spouse.
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