Tasty Late-Night Wedding Snacks for Your Special Day

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late night wedding snacksYou’re probably planning one epic bash to celebrate your nuptials, meaning your guests will likely work up an appetite from all of the merriment. You’ll have an amazing feast and cake for your guests to enjoy, but there’s lots of drinking and dancing that will happen before the night ends. So consider planning a signature late-night snack. It will help guests refuel and they are guaranteed to thank you for it. From sweet to savory, there are plenty of tasty options. Here are some of our favorite late-night snack ideas.

Breakfast Club

It won’t be too long until morning, so providing guests with some classic breakfast grub would be a fun and fitting option. One idea is to offer a variety of donuts, including donut holes, gourmet donuts, or even a donut cake.

Guests could also help themselves to a bowl of cereal. Set up a station with apothecary or mason jars filled with your favorite childhood cereals. Just add milk and it’ll be a hit with all ages.

Your hungry guests will probably love anything drenched in syrup. You could pass around stacks of pancakes or French toast wedges with shot glasses filled with syrup. To add a savory twist, you could serve your guests chicken and waffle sliders. They’ll love this ultimate comfort food after a long night celebrating.

Delectable Desserts

At this point, hours have passed since you cut your wedding cake. So a late-night dessert will provide guests with an extra sugar rush. Treats like s’mores are great, especially for summer and fall weddings. Find out if your venue has a fire pit or bonfire. If so, partygoers can roast their own marshmallows and have a blast making their own late-night snack.

How about an old classic like milk and cookies? You could serve an assortment of cookies along with a shot glass of cold milk. Or keep things simple with a candy bar. Fill jars with a variety of sweets and guests can graze some sweets as they please.

Gourmet Favorites

Some foods are a hit regardless of the occasion. So your late-night snack could a great way to add a fun twist to some popular picks. Popcorn is one of these favorites. Scoop up an assortment of gourmet popcorn flavors in customized bags for your guests to carry onto the dance floor. Grilled cheese makes a great late-night munchie, which could be served as wedges garnishing a shot glass of tomato soup.

You can’t go wrong with soft, hot pretzels. Serve them individually or have a station featuring a variety of dipping sauces. Make hot dogs chic at a gourmet bar with all of the fixings. Or simply serve them out of a cart that can easily roll up to the dance floor.

Fiesta Favorites

Do you love noshing on chips and salsa? Take it even further by having a selection of salsas, cheese dips, and guacamole. For something more satisfying, guests will love a taco bar. Along with a selection of salsas and dips, offer a variety of other fillings such as pulled pork and brisket.

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