Fun Golf Programs to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on May 9, 2018 10:54:24 AM

Fun Golf ProgramsWe all remember summer break from school when we were growing up. The excitement of long, lazy days ahead with nothing on the schedule. Well, that excitement typically turned to boredom after about one day of nothing to do. But, the anticipation and joy grew when we made plans to head to the golf course. It was, and is, an opportunity to get better at something you love while enjoying the weather and time with friends. What better way to spend summer break?

"In today’s society, I find that kids are physically attached to their iPhones, iPads, video games, and the television," says Nick Sage, first assistant golf professional at North Oaks Golf Club.

"Golf is a great sport for kids to get into during the summer! Not only do they get to be outside in the beautiful Minnesota summers, but they can either be with their existing friends or meet new ones. Golf is an individual sport, which can sometimes teach kids more about themselves than if they were on a traditional team."

Golf is Fun and Rich in Lessons

Golf is a sport people of all ages can play. Many of today's professional golfers learned the game when they were under 5 years old, and many retired professionals play late into their life. A lot of those players started in junior golf programs like those at North Oaks Golf Club. We love watching kids develop into skilled players and well-rounded individuals.

Junior Golf Camps

Junior golf camps are an excellent way to introduce your kids to golf or a fun way for your already golfer to get more instruction and play time. Golf camps only last one week. Our golf camps are open to children ages 6-15.

We recommend six years of age for our junior programs because kids at that age can generally process instructions, will be safe in a group setting, and are physically mature enough to have some success. Outside of junior programming, kids can start learning the game as soon as they're comfortable swinging a club.

If your youngster already tried a golf camp and wants to take it a step further, junior golf leagues are a fun way to go.

Junior Golf Leagues

Junior golf leagues are a great way to teach your kids a new sport and strengthen skills year after year. Golf leagues last throughout the summer, allowing players to get to know one another. Not only do they learn a new sport, but they develop skills that reach far beyond the golf course.

"Kids learn interpersonal skills by respecting themselves, others, and their surroundings," Nick says.

They learn self-management skills by keeping a positive attitude regardless of how they are playing. They develop goal-setting skills, which will help them improve and gives them something to strive for. And they develop resilience, which gives them the ability to move forward with challenges, problems, and setbacks faced in life."

Activities Beyond Golf

Besides golf, many clubs offer other sports such as tennis. From learning the basic fundamentals of the game to learning key strategies for beating your opponent, there's something for everyone.

Not a sports person? No worries. Golf clubs host a variety of fun events throughout the year for kids. Our annual programs, for example, include Manners Matter, which offers an introduction to the skills and benefits of manners; Messy Olympics & Dinner, where kids can do everything messy they can’t do at home (and those newly learned manners are not necessarily required); and Nerf Night & Dinner in which activities include a Nerf battle with your friends.

A summer outside at the golf course with a variety of activities is the perfect break from school. It’s an escape from the usual lazy summer days and also provides a learning opportunity — an opportunity to learn a game you can play for life.

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