Something Blue: Creative Ways to Use This Classic Color in Your Wedding

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something blue in your weddingYou’ve probably heard the old saying, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” These four "somethings" are meant to bring luck to the bride on her wedding day and each stand for something different. "Something blue” symbolizes purity, love, and fidelity.

Depending on the vision for your wedding day, you might not be sure how to add your something blue. Don’t worry, brides are finding new and unique ways to keep this tradition. Here are some of our favorites.

Jazz Up Your Flowers

Adding this color to your floral arrangement can be as simple as tying a blue ribbon around your wedding bouquet. Or wear a blue flower in your hair.

Is blue part of your color palette? Even better! Choose blue boutonnieres for your groomsmen or include blue flowers in your bouquet. It could be just one blue flower as a hidden good luck charm or the entire arrangement. Irises, delphinium, cornflower, and forget-me-nots are some naturally blue flowers. But don’t forget, you can also have flowers dyed, like roses and carnations.

Lucky Accessories

Accessories are popular ways to add blue to your wedding ensemble. Does anyone in your family have a sapphire ring or pair of earrings they could lend you? If so, they could be your something blue, something borrowed, and something old.

Give Your Shoes Some Kick

Another idea is to wear blue shoes. If you choose a full-length dress, your shoes remain hidden underneath during the ceremony. But once you reach the reception, it’s a fun way to show some personality as you dance the night away.

Maybe your groom wants to get in on the fun with a pair of blue shoes himself. Or he can complement your footwear by adding matching blue laces to his own wedding shoes.

A Splash of Color for Your Dress

Maybe you’ve heard the old saying, “Marry in blue, always be true.” Some brides decide to accentuate their wedding dress by adding a sash. Consider a blue sash and you can stay true to this old adage.

If you don’t want a sash, think about having your tailor add blue crinoline under your dress. This is what makes your dress poofy from your hips or knees down to your feet. It won't show up in your wedding pictures, but it adds some flare when you hike up your dress at the reception for dancing.

Nail This Blue Look

If you’re planning to get a manicure, nail polish is a great way to incorporate blue into your wedding. But if blue fingernails will clash with your wedding colors, how about painting your toenails a hue of blue? It doesn't need to be bold and bright. In fact, some light blue polishes look nearly white.

Subtle, Yet Sentimental

You may be thinking, “Blue doesn’t match the color scheme I had in mind for my wedding.” No problem! Some brides opt to include their something blue in more subtle ways. One is an embroidery on the inside of your wedding dress. Have your wedding date, new married name, or simply a heart stitched in blue.

As a nice personal touch, have friends and family members write messages in blue ink on the bottom of your wedding shoes. Another way to decorate the soles of your shoes is to paint them blue and add glitter.

Go Big Blue

If you're looking for a twist on how to honor the traditional poem, why not ride away in style in a blue car. Better yet, loan a vintage blue vehicle. Not only will it fulfill your something old and blue, but it will make for beautiful photos.

No matter what you do, it’s important to have fun with it. Remember, it’s your something blue, so use it to show off your creativity and unique personality.

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