Wedding Photography Tips: Best Wedding Pictures to Take at Golf Courses

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Have you ever sat gawking at your friend's, co-worker's, or old high school acquaintance's wedding photos on Facebook? Yup, we thought so. We've all done it.

What's not to love about those seemingly magical images capturing the best day of two people's lives. Not only are their expressions priceless, but the lighting, the colors, the framing of the photos are just perfect. As you browse through their photos, you can't help but make mental notes about poses or backgrounds you want in your own wedding photos. And few wedding settings are as picturesque as a golf course.

If you're still looking for some of the best, most creative, and adorable images to capture on your special day at the golf course, we have some wedding photography tips for you.

A Sunset Photo

If you lucked out and got a beautiful sunny wedding day, take advantage of the softest light of the day at sunset. Photographers call this The Golden Hour. It makes for romantic and breathtaking images of you and your partner. Even if it's overcast, outdoor photos at dusk can be truly mesmerizing.

If you have the time to stick around until after the sun sets, it can sometimes be the most beautiful part — when the sun colors the clouds in bright hues all while being hidden below the horizon. So, once you've enjoyed dinner and dessert, sneak away from the party to capture what could easily turn into your favorite images of your big day.

Wedding Photography Tips

Photographer unknown

Pose on the Bridge

Chances are if you're having your wedding at a golf club, there's a small picturesque pedestrian bridge somewhere on the course. Use it. Bridges are a great setting for wedding photos, especially with the beautiful green backgrounds of a golf course. The bridge adds a different color and texture to your images whether it's made of wood, stone, or something else.

Wedding Photography Tips

Janelle Elise Photography

Use the Equipment as Props

One of the fun parts about getting married at a golf club is the access to equipment and the course. Decorate a golf cart with a "Just Married" sign for a cute photo opportunity, ask your photographer to get creative with the golf balls, tees, and your wedding rings for a ring shot.

Wedding Photography Tips

PixelPosey Photography

Wedding Photography Tips

Gideon Photography

Use the Structures as Backgrounds

Besides the lush greens of the course itself and the trees that surround it, take advantage of any structures you can find. If your golf course has an outdoor gazebo, spend some time getting creative with poses in and around it. Take photos

both inside and outside the clubhouse. Pose in front of the main entrance, near the stone accent on the building, or in front of a wall of windows. Indoors, take advantage of silhouette photos in front of large windows, get a cool shot on the staircase, or near a fireplace if it has one.

Wedding Photography Tips

Janelle Elise Photography  |  Photo taken at North Oaks Golf Club.

Wedding Photography Tips

Ben Saefke Photography  |  Photo taken at North Oaks Golf Club.


Katie Kaizer Photography

Take in the Scenery

Golf courses offer a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day no matter what season you're getting married. You'll either get lush greens in spring and summer, bright warm hues in autumn, or snow-capped rolling hills in winter. Take advantage of the picturesque scenery in your photos. You won't be disappointed. And don't be afraid to go out past dark. Night photos of your wedding can be truly stunning.
Wedding Photography Tips

Jessica Smith Photography  |  Photo taken at North Oaks.

Now that you have a list of stunning images you'd like to share with your photographer, you can rest assured you'll get some Pinterest-worthy wedding photos to share with family and friends. You'll also want to spend some time looking for specific poses you'd love to have, and creating a shot list of different photos you want on your big day. (i.e. photo with bride and grandmother; photo with bride, groom, maid of honor, and best man; photo of bride and groom with siblings on both sides; etc.)

Not only will these ideas and this list make your photographer's job that much easier on your big day, but it will simplify the photo shoot so you're not standing around trying to wrangle together family members. Remember, you want your wedding day to be stress-free.

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