4 Ways to Plan a One-of-a-Kind Personalized Wedding

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personalized weddingIt's every bride's dream to have a personalized wedding. After all, the day is all about you and your fiancé. So, make it unique! Your style and personality should shine through every detail of your day from the ceremony and decorations to dessert and the playlist.

Not only will a one-of-a-kind wedding make it more memorable for you, but it will leave a lasting impression on your guests, as well. Put some time and thought into planning the personal touches you'll add to your day. To help get you started, here are some creative ways to personalize your wedding.

Get to Know Your Wedding Officiant

The best weddings are the ones with personalized ceremonies when the officiant knows the couple well enough to balance anecdotes with jokes. Spend time during one of your meetings talking about how you and your fiancé met. You know you love telling that story. Talk about what you love about each other, how you got engaged, what you're most looking forward to in marriage, and what your goals are as husband and wife. Of course, only share as much as you're comfortable with, but the more you can paint the picture of your love story, the more personalized the ceremony will be.

You can always ask a close friend or family member to get ordained, too. That way, the personalized message will feel more sincere.

Write Your Own Vows

Nothing is more personal than vowing your lifelong love to your future spouse in your own words. Warning: you may need a handkerchief for this one.

First, check with your officiant to make sure it's OK. Then, spill your feelings on paper and practice saying them. Practicing them will not only smooth out the way it sounds when you're in front of your guests, but it should calm your nerves if only slightly.

Your vows can be clever, fun, funny, sentimental, or all of the above. Include a few anecdotes, describe your relationship, maybe even crack a few jokes. After the wedding day is over, you can frame one another's vows and place them on your bedside tables as a daily reminder of your vow to each other.

Personalize the Program

The programs must have the order of the ceremony and the names of those in your wedding party, but aside from that, be creative.

In addition to the names of those in your wedding party, you can include a quirky fact about each person, what their relationship is to you, or a favorite memory you share with them.

Want to give your guests a glimpse into your love story? Include excerpts from love letters between you and your future spouse. You can also write a thank-you note to guests or a tribute to loved ones who have passed away.

Give the Wedding Party a Moment in the Spotlight

You chose your wedding party because they're special to you for all different reasons. So, why not allow their unique personalities to shine on your wedding day, too?

Choose a color scheme but let your bridesmaids pick the style of dress they like best. Not only will your bridesmaids feel comfortable but they'll look their best if they can pick a flattering design that fits them.

At the reception, pick a different grand march song for each member of the wedding party. Once you all hit center stage, stun your guests with a fun choreographed dance to all your favorite songs. This will take a little extra work, but the memories you'll make rehearsing and performing for your family and friends is worth it.

Ask each member of your wedding party to give mini-speeches instead of just the maid of honor and best man. This will take some pressure off your right-hand gal and guy and allow your guests a deeper look into who you and your husband are individually and together.

Or, as we said before, share fun info about your wedding party in the program.

There is no limit to the number of things you can do to personalize your special day. You can serve wine made the years you were born, place photos of you and your fiancé together or throughout your lives on each table, or give tables significant numbers instead of 1-20 (i.e. 20 for the age we were when we met, 1988 for the year the bride was born, etc.). Another great personalized touch is to incorporate something borrowed into your special day. See? We could go on and on. Creating your day so it best represents you and your fiancé as a couple is one of the most enjoyable tasks in wedding planning. Have fun with it!

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