Busting the Top 4 Myths About a Golf Club Membership

Posted by North Oaks Golf Club on Feb 7, 2018 9:53:17 AM

If you love to play golf, you've probably considered joining a club. You've gotten tired of battling for tee times every Saturday morning. You longed to play at a great golf club and get to know every shot required on it. And you are looking for some new golf buddies who love the game as much as you do.

But then you started thinking about some of the potential obstacles: the cost, the required skill level, or the difficulty of breaking into a group of golfers who already know each other.

Well, those obstacles aren't real at all. In fact, now is probably the best time to acquire a golf club membership. And those thoughts preventing you from doing so are simply myths that are easily busted.

Myth 1: You Must be a Highly Skilled Player to Join

There are good golfers at golf clubs because joining one is a great way to get better at the game — but you don’t have to be a scratch golfer to join. At a club, you can work on your game at your convenience and even get some help from the resident golf professionals. Getting to know your course and all the breaks on those greens can help lower your handicap. There are also junior leagues for your kids just learning the game. And always remember, the players you see winning the club championships might not have been that good when they started. There is room for every skill level at a golf club, and players of similar skill often have reason to play together in order to improve together.

Myth 2: It's Difficult to Make Friends with Other Members

We realize that joining any new group can be intimidating, but the desire to try something new and meet new people doing it is a big part of the attraction. Golf club members are the same way. Take a look around the North Oaks Golf Club website and you can see all kinds of different places to make friends. We have tournaments where the competitors test their skill, but there are more casual outings to promote social and family interaction.

You can join the club through a social membership and attend the club for non-golf events. And if you have kids, it’s never long before they make new friends and the parents do the same. Every club member is just like you, looking to meet someone to help grow their golf community. And never discount the idea of meeting new people professionally at the golf club and building great relationships that way. People doing business on the golf course is definitely not a myth.

Myth 3: A Golf Membership is Too Expensive

Golfers who make it past the other roadblocks eventually get to this one. But golf club memberships in today’s world are more affordable than they’ve ever been. The monthly dues may give you pause, as you wonder how to justify all that time and money. But be sure to look over your prospective club and actually see what you’d be paying for before you make a decision.

At North Oaks, there is great golf, tennis, and many other amenities, and this season you will find three newly refurbished restaurants — a wine room, bar and grill and family dining area — each with a different ambiance and purpose that will make it easy to return often. Consider all of that value, and how much you'd be paying to play all your golf at other courses, and you'll probably look at the pricetag differently.

It is also important to consider the intrinsic value that comes along with being a member of a golf club. Membership doesn’t just include the amenities but also provides great opportunities for families to spend time together, for business and personal friendships to grow, and the chance to create lasting memories as part of a welcoming community.

Myth 4: Golf Clubs are Elitist and Don’t Want You Crashing their Party

Members know that new members are the life’s blood of their clubs, so they are happy to see new faces walk in the door. You could be someone new to help fill events and perhaps bring a new challenge to the Saturday morning round. Ultimately, many golfers join a golf club for the same reason you would consider it — you love the game. That common ground can give you VIP status at just about any club you’d want to join.

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